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Sep. 26th, 2007


Nancy Holder

So, I emailed Nancy Holder, the Co-Author of Wicked (NOT the Oz wicked) and she emailed me back today. Haha...funny tidbit about that world domination part. Well, on her website she has the whole legal disclaimer thing. "I promise, you're email addresses will not be distributed. They'll only be used for when I need to contact my minions when I take over the world!!" Lol, I like her. XD So, here they are:

LOL!  I will definitely contact you after the world domination.

Thank you for saving nice things about my work.  Co-authoring is a
tricky business; it has ruined many friendships.  Talk and talk and talk
first; get clear on what you're trying to do.  A very detailed outline
will help a lot.  If you feel like you're doing more work than the other
guy, speak up but in a nice way.  Keep your ego low and your integrity
high--ask yourself, "Am I helping the project?" versus "Am I getting to
do it my way?"  There's a lot of compromising.  Of course, if your
potential co-author is as talented, brilliant, and witty as Debbie
Viguie, then it'll be CAKE!


So...ARE you as talented, brilliant, and witty as Debbie Viguie?? HMMM???? Jk, love you guys.

Sep. 16th, 2007


Chapter One, Part Two; Playlist

So yeah, I thought this was dead so I was just writing for funsies and not really worrying about posting it. But now I guess people are actually reading again! Btw, I've created a new species, therefore, a new plotline. When I figure out the details of this new species I'll post characteristics. Basically, they're a species that preys on the Vampires. Anyways, so here's the next part of my chapter. (Sorry if it's like in the middle of a sentence...sorry, I was in the middle of writing...I think I wrapped it up though...Whatev. XD) 

Oh, I also finalized my playlist, if you guys are interested. I don't know if I shared the preliminaries with you guys, but there have been some MASSIVE changes. And it's not too long...only 36 songs...XD

Sep. 15th, 2007



Good work, I love the chapter. Whats going on with chapter 2? I have mine setup. Actually I cant stop writing xP.

Aug. 20th, 2007


Vampire Myth, Chapter 1, NaNoWriMo

Hey guys! Back from California with moderately working internet. And now I have enough time to type up what I have of the first chapter. (Depending on how long you guys want the chapters to be, it could be all of it.) I also have what my Vampires look like. I'm working on the Outline too. The other thing I think we should do is make a timeline. Since all four of these stories will be written in the same setting, there should be some reference to what's going on in the other stories, to seem more realistic. (If they don't connect fully.) 



And here it is! The first part of the first chapter of my section of Astoria. (If that's what we end up calling it.) 

Let me know if you think that's a good length. It's just under three pages, 2132 words. I could put in a lot more. (I think I prefer that. But if you don't want the chapters to be that long, let me know.) 


Anyways, I'm nearly done. (I always have the longest entries.) But one last thing. I thought that you guys might be interested in National Novel Writing Month. I was on the website today, and it looks really fun. But that would entail me going on a complete break for the entire month of November. But it looks really fun and it would be a really good exercise. (And my competitive self really, really, really wants to win.) The website is www.nanowrimo.org if you're interested. 

Alright, I'll update again when I finish the outline or the next chunk of text. (I might be coming out with some character profiles too.) 

-Melantha (Vampire)

Aug. 13th, 2007



Okay, just staking my claim to Lisette, Nelo (Which I don't think is on that list...I found in somewhere else), Nicholas, Fabian, and crap I don't remember the last. I'll think of it. I started the first chapter too! I don't have time to type it because I don't feel like spending the next half hour writing for five minutes then feeding the machine another dollar. Anyways, I'll finish it when I get back. Hopefully the time will pass quickly...**doom**

Aug. 12th, 2007



(Loretta: Werewolf)

  • Human Loretta's looks =  long dark brown hair that reaches her hips, moonlight blue eyes, thin strong build, and tall
  • Werewolf Loretta's looks = dark brown fur, white legs, same eyes, sharp claws, (like pic on facebook)
  • Loretta's Past = She was cursed when she was little and at first had no control over her transformations. She would transform during full moons only. Now she has total control and can transform whenever she wants. But during full moons she has the least amount of control, not only does she transform then but she is tortured with her past memories of her despair and loneliness. She was disowned by her family because of her curse and grew up with others like her for awhile but later lived alone.
  • Loretta's Personality = quiet, shy, smart, protective, depressed, keeps to herself, around friends she opens up and can be crazy and fun loving.

 Loretta as a werewolf

Aug. 10th, 2007


YAY!! Second Entry

(Loretta: Werewolf)

Ok ya its me, I need helps, I got a first name but idk about a last name...do I need a last name? Probably for school but idk....

- Loretta


Aug. 9th, 2007


Weee, First Post!

So yeah, first post in our new community. I feel so honored. Anyways, just post whatever related to the novel that you want. It could be anything; research, character bios, drabbles (little short stories, usually based on prompts), outlines, or even entire chapters. Also, it would be helpful if you created a penname to use. Like a real name. So at the top of your first entry just in parenthesis go like (Melantha Ardere: Vampire) Just to keep it clear. Okay, enough with that. 


Here's the list of old fashioned names from the site that Jeannine was talking about the other day. I thought it might be easier just to post it here, instead of people getting lost searching for it. 

And when you want to use a name, let everyone else know so we don't steal it. And I would suggest www.babynamesworld.com if you want to look up meanings. (I love to look up meanings.) Right now I'd like to claim Lisette for girls and Nicholas and Kieren for guys. (I know those guys names aren't on the list, but I thought I'd claim it anyways.)


The Setting: I found a pretty good place for the setting. It's a town in Oregon called Astoria. (That's why the community is named that lol.) It pretty nice, with a lot of wooden areas and beaches. Best of all it's one of the cloudiest places on the continental US. (Like I said before, I thought using Quillayute, essentially Forks, was in bad taste.) Also the temperature doesn't rise much more than 70 degrees. XD You know how I like my cool, cloudy climates. 


Alright that's all for tonight! I'll be back soon with my vampire reseach and an idea of what the vamps in this book are going to look like. Comment with any questions, problems, or additions! See ya later! 


(PS: Please try your hardest not to use my real name! I've been really careful so far to only go by my penname, I don't want to break my streak!)